Who’s Tires industry’s leader ?

Lots of tyre brands share the tyres market: Pirelli, Michelin and Continental are only the biggest and most known.

Pirelli has been ranked as one of the first largest tyre operator in the world and one of the most known Italian brands. It designs, develops, produces and market tyres for different types of vehicles. Pirelli tyres are of high quality and ultimate performance. This company is therefore a global leading producer of original tyres for all vehicles that need high performance. Pirelli tires have an improved wet and dry braking and are suitable for every type of vehicle because thy improve safety in order to increase efficiency.

Michelin is another big company among the leading manufacturers of tyres in the world. Its tyres are available in all continents and in many countries, actually more than 170 all over the world. Best markets for Michelin currently are China, Brazil, United States of America, Germany and Russia. However, its tyres are also well known in most states of Africa. Michelin tyres are made for various types of vehicles which include: vans, cars and SUV. This company produced its first tyres in the UK back in 1927 and since then has never stopped improving their products. The tyres reputation made by this brand has grown widely thanks also to its famous icon known as “the Michelin man” which won the best Logo award in 2000.

Continental started doing tyres in Germany and have been in the market for more than 130 years now. Continental is also among the world’s automotive suppliers and through advanced technology their tyres are now suitable for different vehicles such as cars, vans, SUV’s, 4×4 and many others. Continental has grown and it’s now present in major world markets. Most of the passenger cars in Europe use Continental original tyres, therefore Europe is a major market for this brand’s tyres. Some of the outstanding features of Continental tyres are: excellent Germany engineering, excellent grip and long duration.

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