What a broker forex is?

forex marketA broker is your “best friend” in forex market. It is the main door to step into this investing market as it provides all the elements you need to start investments: platform, tips, advices and a good assistance service in order to reply to all your queries.

We would like to talk a bit more about the platform, as it is the main instrument a broker has to trade. Basically, a platform is the software a broker can use to buy and sell currencies at current market price. It provides all the necessary informations in order to start to trade, both charts (necessary to do technical analysis) and news (necessary to do fundamental analysis).

In order to choose the right broker to trade with, there are few steps to do. First of all it is necessary to be sure a broker is safe and professional. How? Contacting assistance service is a good way, as they should reply to all your queries in a professional and quick way. If they do, you can do the following step, if not choose another broker to “test”. Next step is to search for reviews by users who already used this broker in the past. If a broker is known it won’t be difficult to find positive reviews. If you can find them, then you can go straight to the last step, if not go back to step one and choose another broker.

Last step is to test by yourself the platform. You can do it simply by download for free the platform from the broker website, opening a demo account (it is also free) and start to test the platform and trade on it.

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