The Music Majors and the Internet

MusicMost upcoming artists are disappointed by the fact that they do not have what it takes to attract major labels. Does success come only when you use a popular recording company? Recently, there has been hype about indie artists. This simply means artists who have succeeded even without the assistance of major labels. There are benefits to producing music individually. The most notable gain is the freedom. Most musicians producing under major record companies are not allowed to express their own words and thoughts in their music.

Who are some of the best performing indie artists? Chance the Rapper is just in his early twenties and he is doing wonders in his music career. Most people would have expected him to sign with a major label, after he dropped his mixtape, Acid Rap. On the contrary, he chose to go solo. He went to Los Angeles and joined Social Experiment. Trash Talk is another group, which had made on their own from the very beginning until they signed to Odd Future. In addition there is Lisbon Soul, a popular Italian artist, who have made it on their own. They are using online platforms to reach more audience: Chance the Rapper on Youtube, Trash Talk on and Lisbon Soul Jango account.

Dev Hynes have also made success independently. He is known for his Blood Orange project. Although he has produced a few of his albums under Terrible and Domino records, Hynes still makes music with a touch of individuality. This shows you that you do not have to sign with an infamous label to make it in the music scene. As long as you have the talent and you are willing to go an extra mile to promote your music via the cost-effective online platforms, you are bound to succeed. It is time to come out of your closet and become an independent artist. If others are making it, you too can do it.

However, when we talk about music is impossible do not consider the biggest companies in the industry, those which control the majority of music panorama in the world. Once known as the “Big Five”, they became “Big Four” and, since November 2011 they are the “Big Three”. We are talking about Universal Music Group (about 25,5% market share), Sony Music (about 21,5% market share) and Warner Music Group (about 11,3% market share).

Those three big, also known as “Majors”, have always represented the “top” in the world of the music as they always worked to ensure the right diffusion and the right copyright protection of musician creations working under their brand.

With the digital era, which includes not only computers but also portable devices such as MP3 players or the most famous iPod and iPhone, the Majors have always worked to be ready for the change from CD to digital music.

In order to do so, for example, they got agreements with the biggest IT companies in the world to ensure the highest circulation of their own music. One of the latest news in this field is about Google, the famous search engine, and Lyor Cohen, former Warner Music executive. Voices confirmed that between the parts a first agreement about a new music venture has already been reached. The news is taken from Rockol, one of the most complete website about music in all its facets.

Today internet is the main distribution vehicle of music, both new songs and old successes which has been digitalized in the years. That’s why is absolutely important, for the biggest three in the music world, not to lose this challenge.

The final “amletic” question is: go indie or go major? What’s the best choice?

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