Italian wine export continue to grow

wineItalian wine is well known all over the world thanks also to increasing exports. The ISTAT, italian statistic office, reported at the beginning of this year an increase of 10% in volume and of 28% in value of italian wine exports. One of the most specialized italian web site about wine,, report than among the 25 of the most important wine-making companies, in the first 5 months of 2013, 80% of the wineries has scored an average sales growth of 19%, especially in mature markets such as in the U.S. and Canada, Brazil, Russia and China.

Last year Italian wines has established a historical record with an export value of 4.7 billion, up to 6.5% than those registered in 2102. Among destinations, North America has absorbed more than a quarter of exports, but good signs of vitality came from Singapore, +13.2%, China +15%, South Korea +28.8%, Japan +27, 7% and Hong Kong +13 percent.

The trend abroad remains highly positive, in particular for red and white wines. The growth of made in Italy wines is still driven by the Prosecco, one of the most known italian wines all over the world.

On the domestic market instead there is a downtrend due to the general fall in consumption due to the economic crisis. Fortunately, the export can cover this downtrend.

Optimism of Italian exporters contrasts with the pessimism of economy in general. At the end we can say that the “made in Italy” brand is still in good condition and full of life as still attractive for foreign companies and foreign people, which is without any doubt, a positive thing for our economy.

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