Italian food industry in the world

foodAlmost every country in the world has its own unique cuisine, and so we have French, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Japanese foods. Those are some of the most popular cuisines, but none can compare with the dishes Italian people have been perfecting for centuries. Regardless of whether we are talking about pizza, pasta or gnocchi, in most restaurants from all over the world there will be at least one Italian dish. Here are some of the best known brands of Italian food that you can find in almost every store.

Basso Fedele & Figli

One of the most popular Italian products is certainly olive oil. Italian people are known for using it in almost every recipe calling for this type of ingredient, and they are very careful when it comes to its quality. Basso is a company that manufactures extra virgin olive oil that is of the highest quality. They also produce pomace and grape seed oil.

La Doria

When it comes to Italian cuisine, tomato sauce can’t go unmentioned. Italy is famous for its tomato-based products, but there is nothing better than the canned vegetables manufactured by La Doria. La Doria is the leading manufacturer of peeled and chopped tomatoes, which are used in many Italian recipes and give an amazing flavor to the dish.

Giovanni Rana

If you are up for something Italian, you are probably thinking about pasta. This is arguably the best known Italian product, which is why there are dozens of companies that manufacture it in Italy alone. But none can compare to the famous Giovanni Rana, a brand established by an Italian pasta maker who spent his entire life perfecting recipes for pasta, tortellini and similar products. His products are sold and loved in various locations around the world. If you like pasta, you cannot miss Giovanni Rana Facebook Page.


You can’t have a good sauce without pesto, a clever product that originates from Italy and helps you to prepare an amazing dish in no time. D’Amico is a company that produces such sauces and is known for delivering only high quality products. Apart from this, they also manufacture olives, pickles and tomato sauces that are ready for consumption.