Forex Markets

FOREXForex is a market which can be considered formed by several markets. Forex is formed by currencies, which are traded one against the others. Among all the currencies available to be traded we can have those most traded, known as majors (such as Euro, United States Dollar, British Sterling, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar and Australian Dollar), and those less traded and less volatile, known as exotic currencies (such as Danish Crown, Taiwan Dollar, Thailand Bath and so on).

Each of those currency can be considered like a different market, thanks to the fact that each currency is affected by its own economic data. For example, Japanese Yen is highly affected by decisions taken by BoJ (acronym for Bank of Japan, the central bank of this nation), British Sterling is highly affected by british GDP and so on.

As each currency is affected by each different market can be rightly said that the forex market is formed by several markets.

Once understood that, how can we start to invest in this market? Well, is quite simply: the only things needed are a computer and an internet connection. We can register to a broker (it is free), download the trading platform, put money into our account (for beginners is possible to pay in $100 only) and start to trade.

How can we try to foresee future currencies prices? Using technical analysis and fundamental analysis is the right way to do it, better if they are join together to develop a unique and more powerful strategy.

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